7th India Business & IT Resilience Summit - 20186th December 2018, Hyderabad, India

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About 7th India Business & IT Resilience Summit - 2018

The theme of the 7th India Business & IT Resilience Summit is “Leadership through Resilience.” The Summit is being organized by Continuity and Resilience (CORE) and supported by The BCI – UK will be held on 6th December 2018 at Hyderabad, India.

As a premier 1 day event, The 2018 Business Continuity and IT Resilience Summit will bring together the best minds and thought leaders in the field of BCM, IT Disaster Recovery, Emergency Response & Crisis management and Security from India, UK, US, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan and the Middle East under one roof.

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Speaker of 7th India Business & IT Resilience Summit – Dec,2018

  • Prof. N. Vinod Menon

    Prof. N. Vinod Menon

    Independent Consultant; Former Member, NDMA, Government of India - NDMA

  • Raja Suresh Kumar Adapa

    Raja Suresh Kumar Adapa

    Founder and Chief Executive Officer - Synchro Serve

  • Sanjay Mathur

    Sanjay Mathur

    MD - Business Continuity - Accenture

  • Ram Ramakrishnan

    Ram Ramakrishnan

    Member IFMA, GACS & Board Member iNFHRA - EFFE

  • Abhishek


    "Principal Engineering Manager” - Digital Security Risk Engineering (DSRE)” - Microsoft

  • Priyanka Bhattacharya

    Priyanka Bhattacharya

    Vice President, Business Continuity - Genpact

  • Vidya Srinivasan

    Vidya Srinivasan

    SVP- IT and Infrastructure and Risk at GENPACT

  • Vijay Devnath

    Vijay Devnath

    Center for Railway Information Systems (GM - Infra & Security CISO)

  • Vijay Magan

    Vijay Magan

    Lead Tutor and Lead Auditor

  • Senthilvel Ramasamy

    Senthilvel Ramasamy

    Vice President - Global Head, BCM (Cognizant)

  • Rubaab Sood

    Rubaab Sood

    Additional Director (FICCI)

  • Dr. A. S. Kamble

    Dr. A. S. Kamble

    Senior Director & Scientist 'G' and Head(Cyber Security), Cyber Security Group (Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, GOI)

  • Samir Macwana

    Samir Macwana

    First Data (Manager - BCM)

  • Ankit S

    Ankit S

    VFS Global (Head – Security Audit & Risk)

  • Vinod Menon

    Vinod Menon

    Continuity & Resilience (Principal Consultant)

  • Daman Dev Sood

    Daman Dev Sood

    Continuity & Resilience (Chief Operating Officer)

  • Mitesh Shah

    Mitesh Shah

    Director - Workplace Recovery, APAC (Regus)

  • Sehul Meghani

    Sehul Meghani

    Head of Resilience - Structural Reform & Location Strategy | Group Resilience | Chief Security Office (Barclays)

  • Dhiraj Lal

    Dhiraj Lal

    Executive Director (Continuity & Resilience)

  • Nitin Sawant

    Nitin Sawant

    Emergency Planner (Mumbai International Airport)

  • Dhaval Kapasi

    Dhaval Kapasi

    Co-Founder (Emreach)

  • Sanjay B Mathur

    Sanjay B Mathur

    Managing Director – Business Continuity Management (Accenture)

  • C Kajwadkar

    C Kajwadkar

    Clearing Corporation of India

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  • “it was a good forum to learn and understand the current Business Continuity space in different sectors/industries.”


  • “let me thank CORE for giving such a great platform to bring in domain experts across the industry & providing guidance in maturity resilience to the next level.”

    Fifth Step

  • “Excellent event in content, organizing, and hospitality.Kudos to the people who have put on their efforts for organizing the event.The 5th India Business & Resilience Summit was an excellent opportunity to interact with the industry heavy weights and domain experts, a lot of things to learn and share.”

    Bangalore International Airport

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